Dance Class Attire

All Downstage Center Female Dancers must wear appropriate dance clothes. 


Dance Tights (any color, convertible recommended) NO PANTYHOSE!

Ballet skirts for Ballet I & II

(Available at Downstage Center Dance Studio)


Leotard, tank top, form fitted dance shorts or jazz pants


-Jeans or any Denim material clothes

-Sweat Pants (maybe worn for warm up then must be removed for class)

-School Clothes


Male Dancers-  Athletic Wear.


Tights and other dancewear is available for purchase at Downstage Center Dance Studio 

or at  Use Code:  60007 During Checkout for 10% discount. 

Other dance supply stores I recommend are:  Arena Dance and Bodywear (Hamilton, NJ), Step Up (Richboro, PA)

 Dancers must have proper dance attire on to participate in class.