Class Policies

During our classes we will maintain a healthy environment with exciting challenges and personal training. Misconduct of any kind will not be tolerated.
• Dancers agree to dance at their own risk.
• Riva Productions Downstage, Inc. is not responsible for injuries.

Drop-off and Pick-up of Students

Students are supervised by teachers during class time only. Downstage Center is not responsible for students before or after the scheduled class they attend. Please be punctual when dropping off/ picking up your child.

Extreme Weather

If there is extreme weather or bad road conditions such as snow, ice, floods, etc.., please call the studio after 3pm to see if there will be class that evening. Saturday classes, call after 9am.

Open House

Parents are invited twice during the season to view students in their regularly scheduled class. Click on "Calendar" for dates.


Students can make-up any missed class in another appropriate class. Chronic lateness or absenteeism can result in exclusion from choreography.


1.  Is there dance class when school is closed?

You should always check the "Calendar" schedule to see about special events and when the studio is open/closed. When weather is questionable, call the dance studio after 3pm (Saturday classes after 9am) to see if the studio is open.

2.  Do I need to call if I am going to miss class?

It is very beneficial to you to attend class regularly. When absent, you miss a great deal. If missing a class is necessary, it is your responsibility to call DSC before class that day.

3.  Do I need to pay for classes that I miss because of illness, vacation, conflict, etc?

Yes. Your spot in class is reserved for you all season. Tuition payments are not waived, refunded orcredited for any reason.

4.  Why do I have to wear tights?

Tights are required by DSC as a reminder to students that they are in dance class. More importantly tights are a necessary article of dance clothes to keep muscles warm and lines clean.


5.  Can I wear shorts and a T-Shirt in class?

Proper dance attire for DSC is any form fitted dance/athletic wear. NO SCHOOL CLOTHES, and absolutely no Denim, clothes with zippers or SWEAT's. T-shirts are fine as long as they are form fitted. Dance Pants must be approved and form fitted.

6.  Why am I in the same level as last year?

Students generally do not advance a level each year. Each level has a wide range of difficulty andtechnique that keeps class challenging for all students.

7.  How can I advance to the next level?

Many factors decide a student’s advancement, such as: maturity, attendance, focus, attitude, age, andability. Our professional DSC teaching staff will decide each student’s level.

8.  Class is too easy/difficult for me.

The first 2 months of dance are about reviewing basics, fundamentals and getting all students balanced on the same level. PLEASE BE PATIENT. Within the level there are several degrees of technique that can be accomplished. Students will be encouraged to achieve their highest degree in that level.