This time last year Dominick Sannelli and I auditioned for Mandy Moore (emmy nominated choreographer) and were chosen as featured dancers for the movie 'Silver LInings Playbook' starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DiNero.

Silver linings 1 copy.jpg

We spent a week at the Benjamin Franklin Hotel in Philadelphia, filming and are THRILLED to announce that we made the cut!  

Here's what to look for if you see the movie:  
(It's at the end of the movie when they go to the "dance competition")

Shoot 1:   We are the dancing couple wearing GREEN (I am in a Green Corset and Black Fishnets, Dominick is in a Green Dress Shirt).  They pan in on us dancing and DiNero says "What is this Dancing with the Stars?"

(you'll see us here a few times dancing)

Shoot 2:  When Jennifer Lawrence runs into the ballroom, Dominick and I are behind the door practicing our dance (don't blink or your miss this one)

Shoot 3:  Bradley Cooper is walking into the ballroom by himself and we are the "contestants" walking in right behind him.

This movie is rated R for language.  Parents, please use your own judgement.

Aside from my excitement of being in it,  I can confidently say that it's an excellent movie....I give it 5 out of 5 stars!!!!