Tickets are being sold ONLINE ONLY by Brown Paper Tickets, ( a credit card is necessary for purchases.

All Tickets are $26.

May 4, 12:00am - June 4, 11:59pm

Brown Paper Tickets will sell Unlimited Tickets for all shows.

Print tickets at home, or send to mobile device.  You are responsible for producing your tickets for the correct show.  Please make sure you have your print out, or phone ready to be scanned.

Remaining tickets will be sold at Dress Rehearsal and shows.Cash or Credit Card only.


•Before purchasing tickets, all tuition payments and balances owed to Downstage Center must be paid, INCLUDING MAY PAYMENT & RECITAL FEE

Cash only beginning May 13.

•Tickets will not be reserved for families with outstanding balances.

•There are no refunds or exchanges for recital tickets.  

Tips for making your purchase easier:

1.  Know how many tickets you need and for which shows.

 2. If you are separated from your child's other parent, discuss an arrangement for tickets prior to May 7.  

3. If you do not plan on attending every show your child is in, please make sure there is an adult attending that will be responsible for your child.

4. To choose your own seats, you must order tickets from a laptop or desktop computer. Your seat will be chosen for your with mobile orders.