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Downstage Center Dance Studio
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Downstage Center Dance Studio’s
“A Chance to Dance” program meets in the summer for ten weeks on Monday 4:30-5:30pm.  During our regular season (Sept-June), classes meet on Saturday 11:30-12:30pm.

Class size is small with two instructors and one assistant.  Students practice ballet, expressive movement and creative play based on dance and even some singing. 

 The 60 minute class is loosely structured with dance as the foundation, but with freedom to individualize, depending on the students needs and interests.  The requested dance attire is a leotard, tights, and a ballet skirt, however, if there are sensory issues, we are flexible to accommodate the dancers comfort level.  Ballet slippers and tap shoes (if participating in tap) are required. 

 Our regular dance season runs like a school year, from September through June with a show (recital) the second Saturday in June.  The recital is optional, you would decide in December, when we buy the costume if they want to participate.  If your dancer chooses not to perform in the recital, class still continues as usual but with no pressure to perform.

 Tuition for the 10 week summer class is $135 with an option to deduct up to two classes for summer vacation.  Tuition for the season (Sept-June) is $60/mo.  To sign up for the season, you pay for your first month, last month and $25 registration fee.  

 Class is taught by Ms Brenna and Ms Tia who have extensive training and experience with special education, special needs and dance.  They have been a part of our dance studio for a very long time and are extremely passionate about A Chance To Dance.  Miss Nicole, our high school assistants, spends the summer as a councilor for kids with special needs and is a great addition to our team.  

 Dance class takes place in our large dance room with 2 observation windows that parents can see into.   Before classes begin, we talk with parents individually to learn about certain things we should be aware of, if there are sensory issues, certain things that the individual dancer really likes to do, etc….  A Chance to Dance is a customized class for our dancers to enjoy movement the way that is best for them.

 If you have any questions, please email Dani at